Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Mean One Hat


Using worsted weight yarn ch 3.  DC 14 times in 1st chain.  Join with a ss to top of ch3.  Do not turn.

Row 1: ch 3 (Counts as 1st dc now and throughout).  1 Dc in joining ch.  2dc in each remaining stitch.  Join to top of ch3 with a ss (30dc).

Row 2: Ch 3.  Dc twice in next dc.  *dc, 2dc* around til last stitch.  Then dc in last st.  Ss in 3rd ch.  (45dc)

Rows 3 - 11: ch 3.  *dc twice in next st, then dc in next 2 sts.*  Repeat from * to * until 2 sts remain.  Then 2dc, dc in last st.  Ss to ch 3 (60dc) & FO.

EARFLAP:  Holding hat with the seam facing you count 9 stitches to the left and join in the ninth stitch with a slip stitch.  Ch3.  Dc in the next 10 sts. * Ch 3, turn.
dc 2 together, dc in next 5 sts, then dc 2 tog, dc in in turning ch.
Ch 3, turn, dc 2 tog, dc in next 3 sts, dc 2 tog, dc in last turning ch.
Ch 3, turn.  Dc 2 tog, dc, dc 2 tog, dc in last ch.
Ch 3, dc 3 tog.  FO.*

Hold the hat with the seam facing you and count 19 sts to the right of the seam.  Join with a ss in the 19th st, ch 3, dc in next st and in the next 9 sts.  Repeat.from * to * from the first earflap.

Join w a ss at the seam and sc across the entire hat.

NOSE: ch 2.  Sc 5 into first ch.  Do not join.  2 sc in ea ch.  10 sc.  Join w a ss to last ch.  Fo and leave a tail for sewing onto hat.

EYES: With yellow yarn, Ch 2. Dc in 1st ch 6 times. Do not join. Ch 3, turn & dc in 1st st. Then 2dc in each remaining st. Ch 3, turn and dc in 1st st. *1 Dc in next st. 2 dc in next st, 1 dc in next st.* Repeat from *to*. Change to black yarn, Ch 1 and turn clockwise and sc evenly across the orig 6 dc to form the flat edge. Fo and leave a long tail to sew on.

Using black (or red) yarn, ch2.  Sc in 1st ch 5 times.  Join to first st with a ss.
Fo and sew on to eyes.

For the eyebrows and face I just used a blunt lrg eyed needle to embroider on.  For the hair I cut several strips of yarn and joined them with a ss around the top round of the hat and trimmed to desire length.